the entrepreneur podcast

hosted by Duff Gardner

the entrepreneur podcast

hosted by Duff Gardner

Janene Liston – The Pricing Lady


The Secret 8-step Revenue Breakthrough System

Do you charge services to what you are actually worth? Many small business entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the value of their services or undersell themselves to compete with others. However is it sustainable? Today we are joined by Janene Liston, the Pricing Lady, who is here to share with everybody some tips and tricks to help you use pricing strategies to close better deals and grow profits.

Don’t miss these Highlights: 

  • The three faults in comparing your pricing to another competitor
  • Her journey from a structural engineer and its influence on further developing sales and pricing in businesses
  • The purpose of implementing a pricing framework to determine your pricing in different markets and understanding price erosion
  • Putting yourself out of your comfort zone in order to price yourself at what you are truly worth
  • The importance of connecting with your target customer group in order to evaluate your services and establish that win-win situation

About the Guest: 

Janene Liston, is a certified, pricing, professional, and entrepreneur and a European public speaking champion with 20 years experience in marketing and pricing. She’s been a speaker at conferences, seminars in organizations & clubs, as well as a guest on radio and podcast shows from across the Globe. She covers topics like price setting, pricing communication, and pricing psychology, helping small businesses build pricing knowledge, strategies & skills. She teaches business owners how to set the right prices and close more deals.

About the Host: 

Duff Gardner is an award-winning 7-figure marketer, startup founder and digital producer. Today, he leverages his 30+ years in a diverse range of businesses and his journey overcoming a series of out-of-the-blue panic attacks to help impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of what he calls “startup thinking” to start, scale and serve in a big way. He is the host of the podcast Off My Duff – The Entrepreneur Podcast and Founder of the training company Offers that Sell. Duff holds an MSc. in Learning Sciences and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, is a fierce advocate of LGBT+ rights and animal rescue, and lives in beautiful Victoria BC. His mantra is: “teach what you love, live from your truth”. 

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